I'm committed to helping you and your children receive the very best possible education. 
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DAVE COOK serving on Nevada State Board of Ed - elected member district #2, all Northern Nevada


Nevada faces important challenges to improve all students' learning experience and ultimately increase the high school graduation rates in all of its seventeen county school districts.

These goals can be achieved by students, parents, teachers, school administrators, and state policy makers all working together to improve learning performance within the classroom.

Improved performance can be obtained by the implementing the school improvements and reforms which I am working to develop as an elected member of the "Nevada State Board of Education."

However, the high-tech tools of the 21st century have become the essential resources (including electronic tablets) which must be placed into the hands of both teachers and all students; if the true benefits of reform are going to be FULLY realized in Nevada schools.

Ultimately, what REALLY matters is what happens in the classroom between teachers and their students. They need to have all of the best tools and materials available.

I understand this because I have taught high school math as a Nevada state licensed high school teacher. And, I now specialize in re-mediating at-risk and vocational students at a private career-oriented post-secondary college.